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Say goodbye to spam

NeoMsg verifies every message when it's sent, when it's received, and when the content is actually fetched. Because of this "handshake," spam is a thing of the past.

Inherently secure

NeoMsg protects all communications with SSL, the same technology that protects online credit card transactions, and requires that all users be logged in before sending, receiving, or listing messages.

Respects your privacy

NeoMsg requires every user to be authenticated, so every message has a verified sender. Only the sender or a recipient of a given message is permitted access to its contents.


Is NeoMsg compatible with email?

YES! You can send NeoMsg to email addresses and vice versa.

A new feature of NeoMsg allows email users to send email to your NeoMsg address. The email will get converted into a NeoMsg, maintaining all the information it had in its previous life as a standard email. You can also reply to these messages and NeoMsg will deliver the response in the form of a "placeholder" email instructing the recipient to log into NeoMsg to retrieve it (you can see what this looks like by sending a NeoMsg with your existing email address in the "to" box).

In order to maintain the high level of security provided by the NeoMsg system, email senders must conform to the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) standard. In addition, we do not respect the "all" SPF modifier, requiring all senders to be listed in a domain's SPF record to be considered valid. The only exception to this rule is to allow commonly-used and trusted senders (Google Apps, MailChimp, Constant Contact, BombBomb) to seek a spot on a whitelist through an extensive security audit and validation process.

Is spam really a problem?

According to Wikipedia, it's a far bigger problem than most of us are willing to admit:

It is estimated that spam cost businesses on the order of $100 billion in 2007. As the scale of the spam problem has grown, ISPs and the public have turned to government for relief from spam, which has failed to materialize.

In other words, you could buy yourself a fleet of 7 brand new aircraft carriers with the global cost of spam

How does NeoMsg work?

Messages get stored in a document database and notifications get sent to the recipient

A longer and more accurate description is coming, along with the eventual open-sourcing of the platform itself, but the basic idea is that when someone sends a message, the message doesn't actually go anywhere. What does traverse the internet, however, is a header, which uniquely identifies the message across the entire Internet and contains enough information for the recipient to retrieve the message when they're ready. When the recipient checks their NeoMsgs, they're actually reading a list of headers. When they select a message, the system then retrieves the appropriate message from the sending system. Horizontal scalability, components that encourage high availability, and the sponsorship of a company who maintains farms of infrastructures (us) ensures that the message is always available when you need it.

Can I send traditional email to my (or any other NeoMsg) address?

Yes. As long as you play by the rules.

In order to stay secure and be able to verify the authenticity of senders with some degree of certainty, you MUST send mail through your domain's authorized mail server (as verified by its SPF record) OR through a Mail Exchange (MX) listed as such by your domain's DNS. If you are sending mail through your company's servers, this is probably not an issue.

Soon, we'll also be adding the option to disable this for your particular address, so you can be assured that all mail you receive has been sent 100% from within the NeoMsg system.

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